1998 Oregon Mensa Halloween Party Pictures
last update 11/5/98 - more pix have been promised from other revelers
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5 Jenny "Lady Godiva" Foster

8 Alan Olsen

7 Mimi and Father Guido

6 Mimi and Father Guido

11 What The Well Dressed Nerd

10 is Wearing This Year

9 Repent and you shall
be given chocolate

12 Bobsimodo

13 Is That a Pith Helmet?

14 Another Nice Helmet

15 Jokers and Julia's Wild

16 She actually did take it off and....

23 BJ Seymour and Mimi

19 BJ Seymour

18 Barbara "Mother Goose" Ring

17 The most terrifying costume of all

20 Jolly Old Friar Michael

21 Not so Jolly Friar Pluck

22 Like a Sunflower in Spring

2 John Recht

1 Don't Ask.

4 You Really Don't Wanna Know

3 Honest! ;-)

There were more cameras at the party,
and when tbeir work product
emerges from the developers,
you'll see them here!

Check Back often!