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Snapshots from the Oregon Mensa BeaveRG-I
April 1998 Regional Gathering

These Pix are only minimally selected, not very processed and captioning is in process.
If you know us at all, you'll know that won't last, so do check back.

If you see faces without names, or faces with the wrong names, or if you have a caption for any of these pictures, please email our webmaster Scott Rainey

Rubber Duckies and bowls of
loaded squirtguns were a major theme

Ken Barron is a much better looking guy
than this picture might suggest
but it's the best picture
we have of him so far.

Lea Montaire - turning wood

Mimi Wetteland

    After Dinner Speaker: Dr. Al Siebert

    Long time Mensan Al Siebert, gave us an excellent and very funny after dinner presentation.

    Dr. Siebert is a phychologist and author whose life work focuses on the "Survivor Personality." His talk covered his fascination with the way different personality types react to high-stress situations. "Survivors" are identified by their talent for turning adversity - even extreme adversity - into positive changes in their lives.

    He told us some interesting tales of the early days of American Mensa.

    Al took a prize for being a great hugger.

    His websites are: and

The Finance Committee Works on the Budget

The Finance Committee Works on the Budget

Jim Werdell RVC8
Mimi, Lea, Michael, Brian, Glen Horton,

Mensans + Food = fun
Mimi, Brian, Jim Werdel, Mariel

Toni Powers

Les Stanton

95 Glenn Hoernig

Charades - Linda Kelso

Charades - John Recht does a tough one

Charades - John Recht does a tough one

Lloyd Sipe, Toni Powers, Mariel

Julia Mark

Burst of Mensa Brain Power fogs film during Charades

Julia Mark

Michael Meagher, Mia Tanner

Hugging Contest winners announced
Door Prize Tickets are Drawn

Jenny Foster

Some of the Door Prizes

Bob Kegel, Linda Kelso, Mia Tanner

108 ???, Larry Al Siebert, Steve Darnell


Bob Kegel, Linda Kelso, Mia Tanner
Squirt Guns were issued to all attendees. Some got used more than others.....

Beth Wood

Bob, Beth

Glenn Hoernig, ???

Sandy Mark & Amanda finally arrive
just in time for the door prize drawing

Jennifer Witsoe reads her part in a one-act play

Debi Hoernig

Rosemary Greenlaw

Rosemary Greenlaw

Overall We'd say Kort Patterson had a pretty good time.

Overall We'd say everyone had a pretty good time.

Though some found our activities more puzzling than others.

Glen Minter

Glen Minter


Debi, Toni

If you can resist comments like "This proves most Mensans are a
little bit dingey," we'll tell you about how much fun and highly mathematical
"change ringing"
is. Those who were here know very well.










As tough as ringing a single bell at the right time can be....
Imagine if you were ringing TWO or even FOUR bells.
That's exactly what Jenny Foster and Lea Montaire are doing here... playing music, not posing.

Jenny Foster, Lea Montaire


Becky Gylling, Joyce Clark

Games and hospitality rooms were never empty, except when we were serving our formal meals.

Mariel, Brewster


27 Fran Doyle, Linda Kelso, Joe Baker

Brian, Mimi

This is the PDX Howard Johnson's "Virtual Escalator"

Tad Engman

30 Connie Cambreling, Julia Mark

This series may be titled: "If we had a brain, we'd take it out and play with it."

This is your Brain

This is your brain on fruits and veggies

Caption needed---- very badly

Rich Henson

Rich Henson

Scott Rainey

Massage rubs some people the right way,

40 others go in for one-act play reading
Ken Bierly

Jennifer Witsoe Gerry deBenedetti


43 Ron Richardson

Glen Horton1

No that aint a stuffed owl.
Audobon Society activist Ken Barron
(sorry about the over-exposure Ken)
brought us a living breathing mascot.

Real Live Owl

Ken Barron

Ken Barron

Real Live Owl

Real Live Owl

???, Thor, Glen, Liesl
Meeting of the minds

Meeting of the minds

37 ??, Tad Engman, Dinah Gail Davis

38 Bill Olson, Nancy Browne, ??? Ken Barron
Forget sitting around the campfire telling stories.
This group sat around the Gas Fireplace.




58 Carmen Sipe

Since it wasn't raining indoors, we created our own.

Julia Mark, Carmen Sipe, Beth Wood

Julia Mark, Carmen Sipe, Beth Wood

Becky Gylling

Connie McClellan

Glen Horton

Fran Doyle

Brian Aveney

Rubber Duckies & Squirt Guns

Penny Hetherington

68 ???, Penny Hetherington

Lea Montaire


Rosemary, Bill

Reloading at the banquet.

73 Mimi




Rich Henson

Rich Henson


Jenny, Michael