Oregon Mensa Haloween 1999
    Pix by Michael Pearce
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24 Joyce,
Mother of Sigfreid the Deerslayer Wannabe

13 William M.

15 Alan O. - who didn't have a chace to put on a costume after work

16 Backside of Bob K, Front of Bill M

17 Andrea, Guy and Todd in a Family Tartan

18 Hollis, John H. and Guy

19 Michael P. (Jim looking away)

21 Sigfreid the Deerslayer Wannabe's
Half Sister: Melody D.

23 Bob K.

12 Bill M., Julia, Rachel

25 Alan -- Julia in the background doesn't like THAT taste

26 Tom as a Tom Cat

27 Tom the Cat being teased by Lea, the Cat Herder

28 Erin and friend, the assorted cat People

29 Rachel, Caroline, Tom and Scott "Dances with Spiders" R.

30 Rachel, Caroline, Tom and Scott "Dances with Spiders" R.

32 Rachel, Caroline, Tom

10 David K., Chuck in handcufs

34 Scott, Brian A. Rachel

36 Sleepy Cat

37 Bill, Karen B.

39 Musta hurt Chuck, but Teri thought it was fun.

7 Guy and Andrea L.

8 Guy and Andrea L.

41 Michael P.

40 Michael P. - We loved the nails Michael.

45 Kort, Hollis. They must have been having a good time, it sure was loud!

46 Kort, Hollis

43 Joanne R

44 Alan, Terri. Devil, Fallen Angel

42 Michael P. & Caroline

47 Nancy B. & Erna B. No Relation.

48 Kort, Caroline, Brewster

49 It was a toy, honest

50 Well back to the office.

38 Brewster's Totem Pole

1 Pumpkin by Alan O.

2 Pumpkin by Alan O.

3 Pumpkin by Alan O.

4 Pumpkin by Alan O.

5 Pumpkin by Alan O.