Pix from Oregon Mensa's 1999 BeaveRG-II
"Wet & Wild"
April 23-25 1999
Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel

Labyrinths--Walking a Sacred Path:
Samantha Backer with a replica of
the 1220 A.D.
Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

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Nobody's Bored Here!

Nobody's Bored Here Either!

"Kill Da Wabbit"
( Classical Music Name-That-Tune )
Scott Rainey M.C - Jim Werdell

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"It won't bite... most days"

Laser Surgery Presenation

Julia can't believe he did THAT!
Bob could care less

Presentation on:
The Future of Access to Space

He's a Happy Puppy!

Amused Presenters

A Very Amused Scott Kaufman

Amused Crowd

Marci and Karen

Mimi and Rand

Happy Feet

Happy Bell Ringers

Happier Bell Ringers