Lee Berkovits Photo Gallery
    Photographer: Lee Berkovits © 7/4/2001
Hello, and welcome to a web page of photo's from the 2001 AG in Dallas. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger picture. Please do pass along these pictures to anyone who you think might want to see them. You are free to publish them, but simply courtesy would suggest that credit to the source be given. Thank you. You can email your friendly webmaster and photographer, Lee Berkovits, with positive comments and helpful suggestions by clicking on here. You are welcome to send negative comments, insults, and disparaging remarks by passenger pigeon only to my home address - which is unlisted (not the PO Box, which is listed.) My deepest thanks and appreciation go to all of the good folks who put this shindig on and helped make it such a wonderful success. Of course, if it wasn't so much fun, I would have had more time to take more pictures. Such is life. :-/
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