Scott Rainey's AG 2001 pix:

???, Willem Bouwens (Chair, The Netherlands), Scott Rainey (RVC8, Portland OR USA), Jo Allardice (London) - in front of the National Office

Can't Stop Partying - On the Sunday after the AG, this was the crowd at the mini hospitality suite

Awards Ceremony

The Main Dinner

Wednesdae, The Absinthe Fairy

Wednesdae, The Absinthe Fairy

Heather (Clearwater FL)

Heather (Clearwater FL) & Beverly "Kshemi" (Los Angeles)

Heather (Clearwater FL) & Scott (Portland OR)

Beverly "Kshemi" (Los Angeles)

The word Bill Melms is trying to read on the T-Shirt is MASH, as in the Movie and TV show. The costume is "Hot Lips Houlehan" from "MASH." No your screen didn't color shift, those Cammo pants and boots realy are Blue. I don't think it's a Mil. Spec. color, but then I never claimed to understand high fashion.

Laura is Sweet 16 - and has been attending AG's for about 10 years. She also dances rather spectacularly. When partnered with "Dancing Dan" and other professional dance instructor members, she entertaining us with some of the highly acrobatic West Coast Swing steps and flips one normally sees only in movies.

Sara (Dallas)

The AMC trying to save a buck
by craming 20 people into one vehicle