ExtravAGanza 2004

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 X   X   X   X    The M & M Re-Affirmation Ceremony
 X   X   X   X    Awards
 X   X   X   X    Mensans All Dressed Up
 X   X   X   X    Mensans Dancing
 X   X   X   X    Mensans Being Mensans
 X   X   X   X    Games and Crafts
 X   X   X   X    Rooms Full of Mensans
 X   X   X   X    Gen-X and Gen-Y
 X   X   X   X    Kids
 X   X   X   X    Speakers
 X   X   X   X    Food
 X   X   X   X    Witty T-Shirts
 X   X   X   X    Corsets for Fun, Fashion and Weight Loss.
 X   X   X   X    The BelleCanto Dance Company
 X   X   X   X    Preparing for AG 2004
 X   X   X   X    Event Setup, & Operations
 X   X   X   X    Signs
 X   X   X   X    Paris Las Vegas (The Magnificent Event Hotel)
 X   X   X   X    Special Statues Inside The Paris Las Vegas
 X   X   X   X    The Fountain at The Bellagio
 X   X   X   X    Las Vegas
 X   X   X   X    Nevada, outside Las Vegas
 X   X   X   X    Fireworks

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 X   X   X   X    Dave Felt: The M & M Re-Affirmation Ceremony
 X   X   X   X    Dave Felt: Awards
 X   X   X   X    Dave Felt: Mensans All Dressed Up
 X   X   X   X    Dave Felt: People
 X   X   X   X    Dave Felt: Speakers
 X   X   X   X    Dave Felt: Le Paris Hotel
 X   X   X   X    Dave Felt: Las Vegas
 X   X   X   X    Dave Felt: Fireworks
 X   X   X   X    Charlie Bruce: 44 Images,
 X   X   X   X    Ed Gordon: 102 Images
 X   X   X   X    John Recht: 88 Images
 X   X   X   X    Steve Cullison: 56 Images
 X   X   X   X    Grant Palmer: 46 Images
 X   X   X   X    Don Stadius: 76 images
 X   X   X   X    Charlie Bruce: 44 Images,
 X   X    Stacey M. Kirsch 102 Images
 X   X   X   X    Misc: Tony Jacowski, Martha Feld.
 X   X     Rebbecca Prather 17 images from the 2003 AG

Other AG Pix Sites:
Share Your Photos
If you have digital photos from a Mensa event and would like to share them with your fellow Ms, please contact: Scott Rainey 503/228-1100
Contact Photographers:
    Grant Palmer Grandpa425 -at- aol.com
    Don Stadius stadius -at- informact.com
    Dave Felt feltdd -at- ix.netcom.com
    John Recht jdrecht -at- earthlink.net
    Steve Cullison     steve_c -at- adelphia.net
    Edward Gordon edgor1 -at- msn.com
    Charlie Bruce Gloater -at- columbus.rr.com
    Scott Rainey agpix -at- overbyte.com

Colloquium 2005, Earth Matters

Use of These Photos: Contact these photographers for permission to use these images using the links at the bottom of this page. Most will provide higher resolution versions if you ask. Please remember photo credits and copyrights: Copyright © 2004 "Photographer" all rights reserved.

8/5/04 Update
Stacey M. Kirsch has contributed 102 images. Found 17 images from 2003 by Rebecca Prather. These will be presented as a photographer's galleries, only.

7/14/04 Update
Over 2,000 images now online, The grid you see in the center is to accomodate people who do and do not have broadband, and people who do and don't like thumbnail galleries. Hover your mouse over the colored squares and click. Links will change color after you visit a gallery (but you may have to click refresh to see that).

7/11/91 Update
Dave Felt contributed over 400 images. All are excellent in composition, framing and fidelity.

7/9/04 Update
New images from Steve Cullison, Tony Jacowski, Martha Feld, Ed Gordon, Charlie Bruce and John Recht.

7/06/04 Update:
Back from the AG with nearly a thousand images, plus images flowing in from others who attended. This year, images are grouped by topic, blending the works of different photographers in the same gallery. You'll see the name of the photographer in the image file name.