Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Oregon/Southwest Washington Mensa

Club 970

In order to have a broad, over-arching Code to govern behavior in all aspects of our gatherings, the ExComm has promulgated the following rules to apply to all Club 970 activities: In-person meetings, Zoom meetings, discussion lists, emails, Facebook, and all in-person gatherings—parties, picnics, RGs and AGs. These rules will be adjudicated and enforced by the ExComm as a whole. Appeals will be handled under the usual AMC by-laws.


Not Acceptable

        • Profanity, vulgarity, lewd comments
        • Derogatory remarks regarding ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, politics, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and intentional misuse of pronouns and name pronunciation
        • Derogatory remarks regarding education, intelligence, career, or Mensa membership
        • Bullying/harassing/trolling/intimidating/threatening, using humiliation and innuendo in regard to the above categories, as well as in regard to personal appearance and disabilities
        • Posting attachments and links to offensive materials regarding above categories


        • Statement of opinions on controversial subjects in a restrained and well-reasoned manner without use of blame or rudeness
        • Use of conversational profanity in small groups of like-minded people
        • Addressing specific individuals as to their opinions with courtesy and respect
        • Links or attachments from reputable sources free of derogatory and rude comments
        • Applauding posts by others with whom you agree, as long as it is not derogatory or defaming, and applauding posts by others with whom you do not agree


        • First infraction: Informal private reprimand; will not affect membership or ability to hold office
        • Second: Public reprimand and request for apology; membership and office holding still allowable
        • Third: Removal from the venue; cannot hold office
        • Fourth: Removal from Oregon/Southwest Washington Mensa
        • Fifth: Request for Removal from American Mensa

Additional Rules for In-Person Gatherings

        • No unwanted touching or invading personal space
        • No disruption of ongoing activities by criticizing or mocking
        • No intoxication to the point of harm to self or others
        • No willful damage to event or personal property
        • No pursuing or harassing individuals to present an uninvited point of view