Dues Subsidy Policy

Dues Subsidy Policy

Oregon Mensa may provide a dues subsidy to members in good standing who can demonstrate a need for such a subsidy.

The amount of each subsidy will be determined individually by Oregon Mensa’s Dues Subsidy Administrator (DSA), based on his or her determination of the applicant’s need, but will not exceed 75% of the applicant’s annual dues payable to American Mensa, Ltd. (AML).  Oregon Mensa’s budget for the Dues Subsidy Program will be $500 per AML dues year unless changed by Oregon Mensa’s Executive Committee.

Every dues subsidy awarded will be considered a one-time award, and must be re-applied for each AML dues year should the need for a subsidy continue.

Every applicant receiving a dues subsidy agrees to volunteer his or her services to Oregon Mensa on a reasonable basis.*

Determination of whether an individual or family qualifies for a dues subsidy, and the amount of that subsidy will be made by the DSA, based on the information provided by the applicant.  The DSA may ask the applicant to provide additional documentation to prove need.  An applicant may appeal any decision of the DSA to the Local Secretary, whose decision will be final.

DSA will be an appointed position, subject to the same appointment and removal policies as any other appointed position.  Great care should be taken in the selection of this individual; the DSA’s impartiality, discretion, judgment, and integrity should be well known and unquestioned.  The DSA must agree to have his or her address printed in the Appointed Officers section of Oregon Mensa’s newsletter.

The DSA will keep the identities of all dues subsidy applicants and all dues subsidy recipients strictly confidential.  At no time will the DSA make the amount of any dues subsidy known to anyone other than the recipient.

Any member in good standing may apply for a dues subsidy by writing to the DSA at least six weeks prior to the final due date for the payment of dues to AML.  The correspondence should explain the applicant’s need for a subsidy, the amount of the subsidy being requested, and the applicant’s history of service to Oregon Mensa if any.  Requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis until the dues subsidy budget is exhausted.

The DSA will respond to every applicant, in writing, within two weeks of receiving the request.  This response will be an approval, a denial, or a request for more information; if an approval, it will indicate the amount of the subsidy awarded.  Each applicant receiving a subsidy will be required to send a check, made out to American Mensa, Ltd., to the DSA for the difference between the subsidy and the applicant’s AML dues, along with any required AML paperwork.  The DSA will then request a check from Oregon Mensa’s Treasurer to cover the remainder of the applicant’s dues, i.e. the amount of the subsidy, and send all necessary material to AML.

The Treasurer will be authorized by the approval of this policy to write checks, payable to American Mensa, Ltd., for amounts requested by the DSA, not to exceed the dues subsidy budget.  These expenses will not require pre-approval by the Local Secretary.

An article will be placed in the January and February issues of Oregon Mensa’s newsletter briefly explaining the dues subsidy policy and informing members how to apply.

The program was established October 1, 2004 and modified June 3, 2006 and November 18, 2021.

Recipients must be currently and actively contributing to Oregon Mensa at the time they apply.  Examples include holding an elected or appointed position, running one or more calendar activities per quarter, assisting with production of the Omen or being part of the RG committee.

Effective 11/19/2021 the Dues Subsidy rules have changed. The Dues Subsidy Administrator is allowed to be a voting member of the ExComm.