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Oregon Mensa has been actively online since 1995. We had a lot of geeks as members.
You are reading our website, let us tell you about e-lists and social media.

Announcements  —  Oregon Mensa’s Announcements Only E-List. We encourage everyone to join this list.

Discussions  —  Forum, Oregon Mensa List – a reboot of our the original, enormously popular, lively discussion E-List.

Meetup —  Oregon Mensa has an active calendar at Meetup. You must join Meetup (it’s free) then search for Oregon Mensa and ask to join. You’ll need your Mensa Membership number so we can confirm that your dues are current (not free).

Facebook has an Oregon Mensa group.
Facebook has a Mensa Region-8 group. (OR, WA, ID, MT, NV & CA)
Oregon Mensa has a Facebook Gen Y SIG group.
There’s more, so go to Facebook and type Mensa to find what interests you.
On LinkedIn you will find a variety of Mensa groups and members often list their membership in their Linked In bio. E-LISTS: In a world where “social media,” dominates mind-share, e-lists might seem arcane, but they still work and in the view of your volunteer managers, they work better than newer alternatives.

We have e-lists for our committees & teams and general discussion lists that can be quite lively. Where a list serves the business of running the chapter, it is hosted by American Mensa Limited. Lists for social discussions of general ideas are hosted as member-to-member services.

The Omen, Online Oregon Mensa’s Local Group Newsletter, :
To read The Omen online, you need only be a member of American Mensa “in good standing.” That just means your dues are paid up and current. Your login for the American Mensa website is your membership number; you select your own password. Content at the AML website includes most local group newsletters, which you may read, regardless of local group affiliation.

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