Local Contacts: Our Executive Committee

Oregon Mensa Phone 1-866-239-7548

American Mensa has paid staff at the National Office in Arlington Texas.
Within Oregon Mensa (Local Group 970), all of the work is done by volunteers. That includes our local officers, our newsletter The OMEN, this website, our e-lists, parties, gatherings, camp outs, schollarships, SIGHT, testing, as well as all administrative functions. We are Local Group 970.
Please keep that in mind when you make contact with anyone on these lists.

Oregon’s ExComm (Executive Committee / Elected Local Officers)

Local Secretary:
Scott Rainey   [email protected]

Alan Posner  [email protected]

Membership Secretary:
Dorothy Steedle [email protected]

Recording Secretary:
Janice Johnson  [email protected]

Janice Sellers  [email protected]