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    The Mensa Tests, Tests Already Taken and Private Testing

    to get notice by email of scheduled Mensa Admissions Tests offered in Oregon and Southwest Washington. These tests are proctored by member volunteers.
    You may also email our testing coordinator:  [email protected] if you have any questions.
  • The Mensa Admission Tests
    The Mensa Admission Tests are very inexpensive ($40) compared to similar testing by a licensed psychologist. You are given two different tests. A score at or above the top 2% on either test will bring you an invitation to join Mensa.If you’re age 14 or older, you can take one of our standardized tests right here in Oregon. These are real professionally certified IQ intelligence tests. They have been used in industry and education for many years. Test sessions are supervised by one of our Certified Member-Proctor volunteers who are in turn supervised by American Mensa Ltd’s Supervisory Psychologist.Oregon Mensa gives Mensa Admission Tests several times a year, typically on a Saturday.Private Testing – Take Any of 200 Tests
    Some people have off days when taking our tests, others have a certain testing anxiety that comes out in group testing like ours. In the words of an admissions officer at Harvard University: “You can always do less than your best on an IQ test but never better than your best.”If you don’t pass our tests and feel you should have, you have more options. Given the costs involved, starting with the Mensa Admission Tests can serve as an inexpensive warm-up / rehearsal.Private testing is appropriate if you don’t feel comfortable in a group test, or if you feel your talents are not adequately represented by the tests you’ve already taken in life. Private testing can be done through a college admissions office, School of Psychology or with a Psychologist in Private Practice.A Psychologist in private practice has the advantage of taking time to get to know you, and selecting a test which will best measure your talents. You can get tested by a licensed professional psychologist anywhere in the world, and use the test results to join Mensa as long as the test is on our list of accepted tests.  Private testing starts at about $50-$100 when administered at a college, or about $200-$300 when administered by a Psychologist in private practice.If you choose to be tested by a licensed psychologist, be sure that the psychologist you choose is sympathetic to your ambition to join Mensa. We’ve discovered to our astonishment, that some are hostile to this idea.

    Online and At-Home Testing.
    Online I.Q. tests have been taken informally by members in good standing who tell us something rather counter-intuitive: The scores reported by online I.Q. tests are often low by 10 to 15 I.Q. points when compared to tests we do accept. We don’t audit online I.Q. tests at all, much less validate for the test on which they claim to base their presentations.

    The point is, if you feel you qualify for Mensa, expecially if you’ve been in a TAG program, but an online test suggests that you’re not quite there, you owe it to yourself to get a real test.

    To be accepted by Mensa, the test you take has to be supervised by someone who is currently certified to give that test. He or she will also certify that it was really you taking the test and that you didn’t have any coaching, laptop, smartphone or ePad with you during the test.

    Online testing may be a decent rehearsal for the act of sitting for a proctored test, but we cannot vouch for its accuracy and as noted above, we hear a lot of reports that the numbers given are low to quite low.

    Mensa’s at-home testing can give you a very good clue about whether or not you qualify, and a lot of people find it a good rehearsal for actual testing. However to qualify for membership, you must take a test given by a certified proctor.

    The Mensa Home Test is just $18 and sold through our national web site. It will not get you into Mensa, because nobody will watch you take the test. It is not the same as our actual proctored testing, but it will give you a very good indication of whether or not you’re in the right ballpark.

    Tests You Have Already Taken

Prior Evidence is Mensa-speak for an aptitude test you have taken any time in your life. All you need is a copy of your test results (evidence) on a test we recognize, showing that you were in the top 2% and you may join.

    • Tests we recognize include: Stanford-Binet, Otis-Gamma, OLSAT, NNAT, CogAT or DAS.

Our Prior Evidence FAQ Page has more information including test names and minimum scores.