Special Interest Groups — Partial List

SIGS – Special Interest Groups – are local, national and international groups of members who share a fascination for:.

AABSURD: The first refuge of the lunatic fringe. The SIG that taste forgot.

ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS (ACoA): A forum for adult children of dysfunctional families. Letters, articles on recovery desired/encouraged for NL – sharing is healing.

ALKAFRIENDS: Provides an informal network of fellowship, interchange for the alcoholic Mensan or concerned “other” who is seeking/maintaining sobriety.

ALTERNATIVE ROCK: Maybe alternative rock is the rock’n’roll that isn’t played by millionaires. We try to cover that, I guess.

AMSTRADrPCW USER’S GROUP: For M’s who use or are in love with AmstradrPCW word processors/computers. Discussion by snail mail and list.

ANCIENT WEAPONS SIG: For those who are interested in all forms of ancient weaponry from Balistas and Trebuchets to the simple yet effective English longbows of old. Be prepared for an entertaining hands on approach to this fascinating subject.

ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING: Our mission is to bring together the ideas and perspectives of Ms from around the country to construct a single, comprehensive, and nonpartisan agenda comprising solutions to all the political, economic, and social problems facing America today. Participation is by an email list in Yahoogroups


ARTS & CRAFTS: For artisans, craftspeople, and performing artists, beginner through expert, who want to communicate, share, teach, and learn. Sample newsletter $1.50. Experience the creative side of Mensa!

ASTRONOMY/ASTROPHYSIG: All aspects of astronomy/astrophysics from amateur observing (you can do real research) to theory are covered in this free Web- and email-based SIG.

AUTHORS AND CO-AUTHORS: Newsletter includes directory of names and addresses of Mensans who are interested in authoring and co-authoring books, etc.

AvSIG: If you have your feet on the ground and your heart in the air, join Mensans worldwide for online discussion about all aspects of aviation. From professional pilots to those who just enjoy the ride – everyone is welcome! No dues.

BARDOLATRY: This SIG is for lovers and enthusiasts of the Bard of Stratford-Upon-Avon. Whether your interest in William Shakespeare is mere curiosity or fierce passion, Bardolatry is for you. Join us for a lively exchange of ideas on Shakespearean literature, performance, authorship questions, and various other topics that have educated and entertained scholars and audiences for more than 400 years.

BiSIG: Bi-sexuals & those who like them are welcome. Adults only!

BIBLE STUDY FOR ALL PEOPLE: A mailing list for the study and discussion of the Bible as theology and as literature. Discussions can be devotional or scholarly. Membership in the mailing list constitutes membership in the SIG.

BIBLES – A SECULAR STUDY: Comparison of different Bibles by verse, non-religious commentary citing contradictions, historical and scientific inaccuracies, and ancient mythic origins of biblical stories.

BOB SIG: The Bob SIG is an exclusive SIG that has its roots in fun, but is totally on the level.

BRAINCHILD SIG: Devoted to providing information to parents on raising and nurturing a gifted child. The latest research, studies, tips, and problems will be highlighted and promoted. Members can also exchange their thoughts on raising a gifted child.

BRIDGE: The SIG for bridge players of all types.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: For Rupert-rooters, Willow-wannabes, and other fans of the TV show.

CAREERISTS: An association of Mensans that provides continuing mutual support of one another’s career interests via exchanging news of opportunities, classification of member qualification and preferences. I propose networking by NL, bulletin board, and gatherings.

CATHOLIC: A group where Catholic Mensans can meet and talk to others from the same faith background, where we can talk about issues pertinent to our lives today in light of our shared beliefs and values – and where we can have some fun without having to defend our identities as Roman Catholics.

CHESS FOR FUN: Postal and email chess. Quarterly Newsletter. Annual tournament starts in January. Dues $8 per year.

CAVERN AMERICA: Intelligent but fun study of Beatlemania and the British invasion of the 60’s. The reincarnation of this popular 80’s SIG. Cassette newletter contains collectibles, nostalgia, and features. Guaranteed to raise a smile. 4 issues/$20 (international write for rates).

CHESS FOR FUN: Postal and email chess. Quarterly Newsletter. Annual tournament starts in January. Dues $8 per year.

CHILDFREE M’s: Have you ever been told “smart people like you have a duty to have children!”? This SIG is for childfree adults who are Mensans or have ever considered membership and their childfree friends. If you don’t have children but wish you did, this is not the list for you. If your children are grown and have left home, or you’re in a relationship and coparenting someone else’s children, again, this list is not for you. Adoptive birthmothers, surrogate gestational carriers, and genetic donors who are otherwise childfree are welcome. List topics are not restricted to Mensa and childfree issues. Whatever your reasons for being childfree, from worries about overpopulation to preferring adult company, you will find a refuge here!

CHOCOLATE M: We explore the world of chocolate in cooking and eating, in literature, in history, and in any other way we can. NL, Chocolate M, $4 (4/year), $5 outside U.S.; samples $.50 & LSASE.

CLASSICAL MUSIC SIG: Is your love for classical music Inextinguishable? Do you think the 4-H Club is the Handel, Haydn, Holst and Honegger Society? Does your car horn play the Fanfares from Janacek’s Sinfonietta? Bravo! Let’s discuss music, composers, performers, concerts, recordings, etc. Maestro newsletter, 10 per year: US$2 annual SIG dues for electronic version or US$10 for printed version.

CLUB MED SIG: Vacation with fun, active Mensans. This SIG is for active Mensans who like to sail, windsurf, or waterski (or who want to learn) in the company of like-minded Mensans. This SIG is especially suited to single Mensans and to Mensans who can’t wait for their spouse to take them on vacation. Membership is free and vacationers pay their own way, minus a group discount (when available).

COMMON SENSE: Exchange of ideas on how to apply intelligent, nonpolitical, common-sense approaches to society’s problems. For those who believe that these problems must be solved at their core and not at the surface.

COMPUTER GAMING: Just a group of those (not necessarily computer professionals) who consider the computer an exciting plaything. Quarterly Newsletter features in-depth reviews: what the game has to offer and how well it delivers what it promises. $5/4 issues in North America, $7 international (plus an extra issue for each article submitted!). Sample $1.

CREATIVE RETIREMENT: An open forum sharing news, views and experiences of retired persons and those about to. There is life after career! Newsletter, Retread; $7/6 issues/yr., $8/Canadian, $10/other foreign. Sample $1.

DIABETES: For people with diabetes, their families and friends. We share support, info and experiences. Quarterly Newsletter $6/year. $1 sample.

DOGCRAZY: For those who are going or who have gone to the dogs. If your dogs are family, then this SIG is for you. Six issues of The Canine CoMpanion year/$7. Non-Mensa members $8 yearly. Sample $2.

ECLECTIC: Origins of western spiritual tradition, intellectual history, development of Christian doctrine, neoplatonism, kabbala, gnosticism. Online discussion.

EDITORS: For Editors of American Mensa local group newsletters, past, present, and future. Exchange ideas, discuss philosophy, share solutions specific to the print medium; recognize members’ achievement. Member-created paper newsletter 6-12x/year; online discussion. Dues/subscription $15/year.

eieio (Electricians/Inspectors/Engineers/Interested Others): Installers, designers and inspectors of power, lighting and communications systems. Member letters and articles in The Flexible Conduit, our Newsletter, encompass safety, design, codes, business, technology, humor, conundra, reviews and personal matter. Sample available for SASE, $1 and a letter introducing yourself. Transnational, mostly U.S.

ELECTRONIC MUSIC SIG: From Eno to Squarepusher and from Reason to ProTools, this groups is for those who listen to electronic music and those who create it. All topics are encouraged: song IDs, nostalgia, DJs, artists. video game music, music production technique and critique, collaboration, meeting up for live events, music in film, etc. Electronic only. Members only. No dues.

ENTJ: A lively forum for those whose personality preferences place them in the ENTJ personality type category on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicatorr or Keirsey Tempera-ment Sorter. And those who love us. $12 for membership or $4 for a sample NL.

ENTREPRENEUR: For Mensans who are entrepreneurs or would like to be entrepreneurs. Do you have entrepreneurial expertise or advice to offer? Do you need entrepreneurial expertise or advice? Want to meet and make friends with others who have an entrepreneurial spirit? Membership free.

EUGENICS: Studies ways to use knowledge of human genetics and population in a democratic society. Using hypothetical populations to practice solving problems. U.S. dues $6.

EXCHANGE SIG: Sometimes you want to view a DVD multiple times. Frequently you do not. Exchange CD’s, DVD’s, & other items with other members. Requires access to the interent.

FEATHERY CHIRPERS: Tired of being asked if you’re a cat person or a dog person? Forum for folks interested in birds as companion animals. Electronic format only, non-Mensans ok.

FELINES: For those who know who truly rules the world. Do your friends call you a Cat Doormat? If your hunky new boyfriend asked you to choose, would you pick the cat over him? Then this SIG is for you! Free NL published by email only, 12 times per year. International members welcome!

FEUDAL JAPAN: A forum for admirers of the feudal Japanese culture, ninja, samurai, bonsai, origami, Zen Buddhism, food and of the Japanese way of life in general. Newsletter. U.S. $6 (6 issues), intl. $9 U.S., annually. Send SASE with inquiry.

FILM: Explores all aspects of American and International cinema: reviews, interviews, technical stuff, you name it. Our newsletter is Neon Noir, publishing schedule TBA. Currently seeking material for premiere issue; content intended for adult audience; do not submit copyrighted material of others unless written permission secured. Sample copies will be free for stamp or SASE.

FOOTLOOSE: For all people interested in recreational walking, including urban walkers, mall walkers, day and long-distance hikers, backpackers, and people who walk for exercise. Invites everyone who would like to learn more about walking for fun, regardless of experience or fitness level. NL quarterly: $6 members, $9 nonmembers, international $12.

FOR WOMEN ONLY: Frank and open discussion on anything pertaining to women. New e-mail discussion group and maybe newsletters. For info send SASE. (Women Only, please.)

FORTEAN MYSTERIES: Newsletter $2/3 issues, sample $.50 & SASE. Continuing work of Charles Fort investigating things science cannot yet explain.

GARDENING: For Ms who enjoy puttering with plants and growing greenery, gardens or not. Seed exchange, too! The Green ThuMb Newsletter published seasonally, 4/yr, $8 for 6 issues. Samples $2.

GAY/LESBIAN: Dues and Newsletter (10/yr) $15 (1st class U.S.), all others $20. All Ms & FMs welcome. For learning and sharing. Confidential.

GENEALOGY: The fastest growing and now second largest hobby in the US is in need of intelligent discourse! Though there are many tools for ancestry research to be discussed, the Genealogy SIG will also ruminate on the study of genealogy and its many intricacies. Offer up your unique perspectives at our Web site where your partcipation will count!

GENESIS FOR GENIUSES: This group is all about the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Is the Bible factual just as written, do we need to re-interpret it to accommodate scientific theories or is it just total hogwash? Membership is free.

GENIUS : The purpose of the Genius SIG is to explore the magic and systery of Genius through member discussion, chat and information exchange. The quarterly NL includes facts about genius, resources, information and anecdotes. Explore the concept of genius and learn more about controversial, great and unsung geniuses. Discussion board and access to private conferences for SIG members. More info at the SIG Web site or send $3 and LSASE. Membership $5.yr (for Mensans, includes NL and conference participation/chats; $10 non-M) pay at Web site with paypal or check (payable to Mega-please include your email address in the notation line!).

GENX-MS: For Gen Xers who watched as video killed the radio star, and all we could do is stand by and mutter “I want my MTV!” In hopes of finding that we have more in common than just our 2%. We welcome all Mensans born from January 1961 to December 1981. This is a group of GenXMs, by GenXms, and for GenXMs.

GOING POSTAL: Is for all Mensans who work for the U.S.P.S., especially those who are members/activists in the various postal unions. We will exchange information about our work environments with an eye toward helping each other understand our contract and our rights as union members. We will help each other work out problems associated with our employment and/or our duties as union officers. Retirees welcome! No managers, please. Contact

GRAMMAR POLICE: Interested in preserving the usage of correct English, especially in professional media, in part to avoid losing meaningful distinctions through sloppiness or ignorance. No dues, no Newsletter.

GROOVY: Rock & Roll Nostalgia. Intelligent but fun study of pop music from the early 50’s to the early 70’s. From Elvis to Disco. 4 issues/$14 (international write for rates).

HAIKU: Stream-polished pebbles/In the mind’s still garden pool:/Haiku winks at life. Newsletter, Pebbles, (6/yr), $7 North America, $10 elsewhere. Sample $.50 plus 1st-class postage (1 oz).

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Read tips from fitness experts, learn to exercise safely and effectively at any age, exchange information and just have fun working yourself into shape. Deal with and heal injuries with advice from a PT. Find a workout buddy, go for a hiking/biking trip, and just enjoy it! Monthly Newsletter, Health/Fitness Brainer, distributed by snail mail. $10 for Mensans, $15 for non-Mensans and international members.

HELL’S M’s: For M’s who like to party. Exchange ideas on parties, meet people who like to party and help make parties happen. $18.00 first year (includes T-shirt, to XL), $8 second year and after. For info $1 and LSASE (two stamps). Out of country (except Canada) send $3 extra.

HOLMESIAN STUDIES: Serious and playful studies in the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Arthur Conan Doyle, and mystery writing and reading. Newsletter $3/4 issues. Info $.50 & SASE.

HOLY SPIRIT: Sharing what God’s Holy Spirit is doing nowadays, living in the Spirit, exercising gifts of the Spirit, Christian fellowship, home fellowship groups, worship, outreach. LSASE for info.

HOMESCHOOLERS: For Mensans who homeschool their children, are thinking of homeschooling, or are simply interested in this educational option. We offer a bimonthly email NL and online message board. We do not endorse any particular educational method or curriculum and do not promote any particular religious viewpoint. All methodologies and views are welcome. Education can be an adventure! Join us.

HONDA/ACURA: For owners of Hondas and/or Acuras. Exchange info on Honda and Acura care and maintenance, driving tips, personal experiences, etc. Sample $1 LSASE.

IMPROV: Ever seen “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (either version)? Ever thought, “That stuff’s great! How do they do that?” Look no further. The newsletter, Improvisation, includes how-to instructions for improv games – preparation, procedure, closure, and variation – as well as interview with people who perform for the public (musicians, athletes, public speakers, etc.) giving tips, and shared experiences of SIG members (if any are submitted). Improvisation is published quarterly (for now) and only electronically (for now.)

INDEPENDENT SCHOLAR: Art, science, or the uncategorizeable. With a degree or without. For a project or because of a lifestyle. Or – to take part in dialoguing about its pros and cons.

INTERNATIONAL LAW & GLOBAL POLITICS: Interested in the ICC or Kyoto? Discuss these and other aspects of international law and global politics at the Mensa level! Member-edited newsletter and frequent debates via online discussion list. Dues are $5 yearly.

INVESTMENT & SPECULATION: Newsletter $9 (3yr. electronic). Sample $2.22 (stamps OK) & SASE. Share info on investments, maiNewslettery stocks, funds, real estate, precious metals, collectibles, etc.

INVESTOR PROTECTION: We will give you free customized advice on how to protect yourself when you buy investments and insurance. Save commissions and fees. No dues or charges. Knowledgeable volunteers wanted. 305/538-3303; 305/531-6222.

IQ (Intelligent Quilters): A quilt guild for Ms. All skill levels welcome. Six Newsletters per year include new techniques, challenges, book reviews and more. $6/yr, $1 sample.

IRISH: Irish history, literature, folklore, music, dance, roots; Northern Ireland; the Gaelic language. NL $5/5 issues, sample $1 and #10 SASE.

ISOLATED M: Twenty-nine years of friendly wit and gentle wisdom through letters from many countries; columns include trivia, puzzles, the famous auction, and (yikes!) feghoots. Sample $1; subscriptions $8 in U.S., $10 outside U.S. for 10/year.

KEEPERS OF THE FLAME: SASE for info on Eastern/Western disciplines for expansion of consciousness.

LAPISIG: From gems to beads, if you enjoy it – we’ll discuss it. Whether you’re an addict or just an admirer share your love of all things lapidary with fellow Mensans.

L’CHAIM!: A Jewish SIG for Ms who want to connect. Share opinions, stories, holiday ideas, recipes. Come to laugh, celebrate, learn, teach, build community – and whatever else comes to mind. Quarterly NL $6/year U.S., $7 outside U.S. Sample & info $1.50

LEARNING DISABILITIES: Provides an opportunity for the gifted/learning disabled to share experiences, information and support. Family and friends are invited to join as well.

LIGHTNING: Exchange of information on lightning and surges, and protection from them. Editor needed.

LITERATURE: For all people who want to read, study, and discuss literature from any period. The approach can be scholarly or casual, approaching literature as shaping and being shaped by society.

LONDON: Email list about London and Mensa events in London.

M’USCLE (THE BODYBUILDING SIG): We share information about training, diet, etc. Newsletter $10 (4/yr). Sample $3.

M-BYTES: Programmers of the world unite! Whether a newbie or a hardcore assembler, join fellow Mensans in learning, problem solving, and sharing experiences. Non-M’s welcome.

M-CHEF: Whether your specialty is cr�me brulee or boiling water, join other Mensans in discussion of one of our favorite topics – food and drink! Share recipes, learn new techniques, recommend favorite restaurants, and learn about nutrition. Get tips on making delicious dishes for yourself, family, or a roomful of guests. No dues.

M-INVESTMENT CLUB: Now an online discussion group; membership is free. Please join by visiting on the Web.

M-ISANTHROPES: Are you smart enough to despise your fellow man/woman? Do you come home very day exhausted from making the effort to be civil to people? Is your idea of the perfect weekend to visit your lonely hideaway in the middle of nowhere so you can check on supplies, ammunition, and escape plans? Welcome to m-isanthropes! A virtual space to meet others who prefer solitude. Trade anecdotes about avoiding human contact. Share your favorite strategies for discouraging new acquaintances and losing old friends. Join the debate about which species should take over the Earth after we’ve safely gone extinct–and more! All Mensans welcome. Remember: you may not like company, but misery does.

M-NUMBER-6: This SIG is for Mensans who enjoy the 1960’s television series “The Prisoner” starring Patrick McGoohan.

M-PRISONED: For those imprisoned or other who are impacted by the incarceration of anyone else. Any person showing an interest in the prison-industrial complex of the U.S. Most incarcerated members do not have access to the electronic media. NL, The Vicantage Voice. No charge for membership.

M-RIDERS: People who ride or who are interested in motorcycles and motorcycling. Discussions of motorcycle travel, riding tips, equipment, safety courses, motorcyclist rights, legislation and motorcycling in different countries. Sidecars and trikes welcome. $8/yr. for email newsletter, Web site, email discussion list, and online photo album in our Yahoo Group.

M-SANGHA: A forum for those interested in Buddhism and discussing the Dharma. The only cost is participation.

M-SIMPLICITY: An online discussion group for individuals interested in improving their quality of life while healing and preserving the planet for future generations. Find alternatives to consumerism, ways to reduce your dependence on mainstream economics, happiness with fewer purchases, and other ways to live lightly on the earth. No dues.

M-WIDOW(ER)S: A SIG to bring together Mensa (and other) widows and widowers to share feelings, experiences, happy resolutions! Monthly NL… inspiring, consoling, supportive, humorous! Five #10 self-addressed, stamped envelopes & $5 U.S. for 5 issues. Join! Write! Contribute!

M SINGLES NET: This is a simple electronic networking SIG for those Mensa singles who are interested in meeting other Mensa singles for friendship, romance, or LTR. Quarterly electronic NL. No dues.

M SHOW BUSINESS: M Show Business is a SIG designed to bring together in one group the most “intelligent” members of the Film and Television Production communities. Through a monthly E-Newsletter and Yahoo group, members can seek and offer advice or guidance with regard to employment and career issues, as well as share experiences that will benefit other members. If you are in the business, whether in front of the camera, behind the camera, executive, above the line, below the line, established or breaking in, the purpose of this group is to unite the “top 2%” of us for the benefit of all. Discretion assured. There is no charge for membership.

MARRIAGE TODAY: Intelligent discussions about the crisis of marriage in our society.

MarSIG: A forum and vehicle for information for Mensans and non-Mensans interested in past, current, and future interplanetary missions dedicated to the exploration of Mars. Membership is free. The SIG takes place totally online.

MBA SIG: Open to MBAs who want to explore issues with other MBAs. Also open to people at the vice-president level or above, whether they have an MBA or not. The format is an eNL sent out as member contributions require. The content will come from member emails. There is no charge for this SIG. The SIG will also have a voluntary roster for those who want to network.

MEANING OF LIFE: The Meaning of Life SIG, discusses whether or not God exists by applying the existing body of knowledge of the sciences, including, but not limited to: biology, geology, history, anthropology, etc. Format is free discussion via email, chat room, etc. but they may choose books to read and discuss.

MENSPERANTO SIG: Free listing in English in a directory of Mensans interested in the international language Esperanto. Send a LSASE, IRC or email to request an application and/or other data.

MENTAL HEALTH: To promote better mental health for all people through the discussions of ideas, therapies, and problems, especially as pertains to alternative care. Creative solutions to end the stigma of mental illnewss are welcome. No charge.

MILITARY HISTORY: For those interested in military history and wargaming. Quarterly Newsletter $25 per year, sample issues $6.25.

MIND’S INFINITE POSSIBILITIES (MIP): The purpose of this SIG is to provide group support for Mensans who have been affected by a brain injury due to an accident, illness, or disease.

MINORITY SIG: To facilitate the exchange of information between non-white members. Bimonthly newsletter, for free sample write to the address below.

MOTHERHOOD: For female Ms who are mothers and/or interested in motherhood. Small group discussion via email or snail mail. SASE.

MYSTERY BOOK SWAP: NL (4/yr), send $.50 and SASE for sample NL and info. Each member sends and receives two paperback mystery books each month.

MYTHOPOEIC: Newsletter $4/5 issues, sample $.50 & SASE. Classical and modern myth creation and subcreation, especially as exemplified in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams.

NAGSIG: A neighborly bunch of horse-lovers sharing horse tails (er, tales), ideas and lots of opinions. Jump on and join us. $10/yr (6 issues). Sample issue of EquusM – send LSASE, postage for 2 oz.

NATURE: For Mensans who love nature and science to get to meet each other and discuses issues of mutual interest. Tell us your favorite nature locations, and what makes them special. Perhaps, we can set up “expeditions” to explore nature in real life. Membership free.

NATURIST: This is a place where all naturists can congregate and stay up-to-date. NL ICU, $3/calendar year; sample free by email request.

NETSIG: A forum for exchange of opinions and notes about the Internet and how to use it.

NTN: NTN: Free SIG. NTN=National Trivia Network, that TV trivia you may have seen in bars. Besides discussing recent games and NTN in general, I hope we can meet for games when some of us travel. I especially hope to coordinate a big showdown “SIG meeting” for the Tuesday evening before the US AG each year.

OCD SIG: Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a relatively common mental illness that causes repetitive, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repeated behaviors or rituals (compulsions). OCD has a big effect on thinking, so we’ll explore its connection to intelligence. The quarterly newsletter, Precision, is a place to share idea, personal stories, and support.

OLD-TIME DETECTION: Fictional detectives were once brilliant, solving crimes with their wits, without resorting to fists or weapons, especially in the Golden Ages of detective fiction (roughly 1920-1950). This SIG celebrates such detectives and their methods, explores the history of the genre, and studies individual stories, characters, authors. NL Give Me That Old-Time Detection (3 issues/yr) $6 Mensans, $7.50 others (If overseas add $5 per year). Sample $3.

ORIENTAL FOOD: For everyone who loves Asian food. Newsletter (6/yr) GourMAsia. Articles, recipes, tips, reviews. $6 ($10 foreign) for snail mail. SASE + $1 U.S. for sample.

OWSIG!: The Overweight SIG contains news and views of “people of substance.” All points of view are welcome. Quarterly Newsletter, $6 U.S., $7 overseas, $1 (no SASE) for sample. Checks payable to

PAGAN, OCCULT AND WITCHCRAFT: For practitioners of (and those interested in) Wicca and other Neo-Pagan and earth-centered religions. $10/year (4 issues) or $3 and SASE (for sample copy).

PARAPSYCHOLOGY: Organized in 1982 to offer a “safe haven” for discussion of all things having to do with psychic sense and the paranormal. Our goal is to share in the investigation and use of our “sixth sense” and to understand, develop, and refine our psychic potential. Now in our 21st year, the SIG exists only in an online Webpage/egroup forum of 85+ members worldwide.

PATRICK O’BRIAN SIG: Discussion of the writings of Patrick O’Brian, author of “The Best Historical Fiction Ever Written” per N.Y. Times Review of Books. Email preferred; please send $1/yr for hard copy.

POLITICAL SCIENCE: If you have an interest in the workings of political systems or want to discuss politics in general, then this SIG is for you. Focusing on American politics, this SIG welcomes anyone who wants to discuss politics and share their knowledge. Sample issue/info is $2; membership and Newsletter is $8/yr.

PROCRASTINATOR: Procrastinator SIG is back! Now on the Web too.

PUGILISM: Sample 3 first-class stamps. Computer and judgmental analyses of boxing matches, research, exchange of ideas designed to improve the sport.

PYRAMID: A forum to exchange ideas and perspectives about the great pyramid and related subjects. The SIG is Internet-based and there are no membership costs at this time.

QUIETM: Get to know Mensa without leaving home! This online email discussion group is for those Mensans who haven’t gone to an event because of introversion or because they don’t know anyone or any other reason, although those who have gone to events are welcome. This will primarily be a chance to get to know each other as individuals not ideologies

REAL ESTATE ADVERTISING: NL $5/year for 6 issues; sample issue for $1 & SASE. NL includes free advertising for land, condos, townhouses and houses.

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT CLUB FOR M’s: $700 min. investment. SASE & $1 for details. Goals: education and growth of equity. Buying property in the path of progress for the greatest growth. NL. International members also welcome.

RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES: To provide a forum for discussion of member recruitment strategies. Example: We might encourage and coordinate local groups to have member recruitment tables and testing at career fairs and other public events. NL pending.

RED HAT SOCIETY: The purpose is to prove that women improve with age like fine champagne. RHS is for women over 50, who wear purple with a red hat. The RHS SIG is for those who want to start their own group or just get in on the fun via our newsletter. Mensans only! Send LSASE for all the information you’ll need.

ROCKCLIMBING: For established rock climbers and novices, we promote and facilitate contact between Mensan rock climbers leading to joint climbing ventures. No NL, no fees.

ROLE-PLAYING GAMES: Exists to provide a forum for discussion of role-playing games of all genres. We primarily focus on tabletop games played face to face or via mail/email, but we also welcome live action role-play (LARP), Computer RPGs, and MUDs.

RVING M’S: Primarily meant to serve those Mensa members (and their traveling companions) who travel by recreational vehicle, to promote sharing of RV/travel tips, and to make arrangements to meet each other while traveling. It is also open to Mensans who travel by other means and would likewise enjoy sharing info and getting together.

SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY: InterdiMENSionAl Journal $10 for 8 issues, (overseas $16), sample $2 (no SASE). In operation for 25 years bringing original literature and artwork, humor, reviews of books, movies and TV, and discussions for the sci-fi/fantasy fan.

SCRABBLEr BY-MAIL : SCRABBLEr BY MAIL: Dues $8 to join, $6 to renew for 8 bimonthly NLs. Sample $1. (Foreign subs more.) Games for members only; $.25 for each game. All abilities welcome.

SCUBA: For SCUBA divers and snorkelers. Occasional SIG gathering in Caribbean (Cozymel in July 2003).

SECOND AMENDMENT SIG: Monthly Newsletter, The Armed M, $7 U.S., $10 foreign, free by email. Issues relating to the right to keep and bear arms.

THE SELF-EMPLOYED, PART-TIME, FREE-LANCE, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR JOB GETTERS: A networking SIG that means what it says! Six #10 self-addressed, stamped envelopes and $6 (U.S.) for six monthly gazettes! Share 800# job tips, etc.! Join! Contribute! Share!

SEXYG: To explore all aspects of sexuality. Quarterly NL (print and online) contains letters, articles, news, and commentary on sex in both the Mensan and real worlds. $2/yr. (email) or $10/yr. (snail mail).

SIMPSIG: The home for all lovers of Springfield and three-eyed fishes has expanded to include a home for all expatriate new New Yorkers. Now fans of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” have a place to share opinions, swap pictures, and revel in the glory that is Matt Groening! No dues, online only. New Coordinator Sought!

SIR WALTER RALEIGH SOCIETY: For those interested in discussion the effects of cigar and cigarette smoking on society. Economic, medical, legal, historical and interpersonal issues will be discussed via the Web site and email chat groups. No dues. One meeting at the AG.

SKEPTIC SERVICE: Resource for questions/reference requests, etc., re skeptical research on paranormal topics (UFOs, ESP, faith healing, etc.). Member of several national/international skeptical organizations. SASE 2 oz.

SKI SIG: No dues. No Newsletter. Just snow skiing. Annual Ski SIG Gathering in Rockies in February/March, Steamboat in 2004.

SON OF ASILOMAR: Remember Asilomar? The experience may be gone, but the memories never will be. We gather every Labor Day weekend to recall the RG that taught all other RGs how to function.

SONG SIG: Promotes songwriting and composing in all styles of music. Topics include lyrics, melody, harmony, instrumentation, technology, creating demos and getting songs published. All members are expected to contribute new material occasionally. Collaboration is encouraged.

SOS (SAVING OUR SELVES) SIG: A forum for recovering codependents, co-addicts, and friends and family of addicts of all varieties (alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, etc.). We can join together to share our experience, strength, and hope, to reclaim our lives from the powerful family disease called addiction. Not affiliated with outside organizations, including treatment centers, religions, or therapy. To join, please e-mail the SIG coordinator with your full name & Mensa ID#. You may then subscribe to the list with an anonymous name and e-mail address if you choose.

SOULSIG: Like getting ham hocks and collard greens through the mail! On- and offline forum for African American Mensans. Quarterly NL. $5/year.

STAMP SWAP: SASE for information.

SUCCESS SIG: A motivational forum of ideas, opportunities and more. Want more out of life?

SWIG (Winemakers): One of the oldest SIGs, established in 1976. We are about more than just homemade wine. We also make beer, mead, hard cider, braggot, and other tasty fermentables. Exchange recipes, ideas, and advice. Dues $10/yr. in 50 states, $19 elsewhere for 6 issues typically 6-12 pages. Make checks payable to the coordinator. Info SASE, sample — four first-class stamps (no SASE).

TEEN SIG: TeenSIG provides a social sphere for people between the ages of 12 and 21 to interact with each other within Mensa. We make our presence known in mass while having fun and making friends in an intellectual environment. It is also a mechanism for recruitment of younger people into Mensa. Parents, educators, children of Mensans, and other interested parties are also invited to join. Our members are not required to be members of Mensa but they are encouraged to take the test and join. No dues. the MTeen, the monthly NL, by email or, for $6/yr., mailed hard copy.

TENNIS: For anyone who likes to watch, play, read, and talk about tennis. Get together for a friendly game (all ages and levels welcome) or go to the tournaments to see how pros do it. Monthly NL, Tennis Smart, distributed by snail mail. $10 for Mensans, $15 for non-Mensans and international members.

THEORY OF EVERYTHING (TOESIG): Provides news and discussion regarding TOEs, GUTs, Intelligent Design theory (ID), cosmology, physics and related topics. The quarterly newsletter contains information on these topics as well as excerpts from exclusive interviews and dialogues with leading scientists and researchers. Members also participate in a private discussion forum on the Web. Make checks payable to “MEGA” and include an email address in the notation line. Membership $5/year (Mensans-includes electronic NL, $10 non-Mensans – includes email or hardcopy NL). Info $3 and LSASE.

THERAPY PET SIG: Shares human/pet team visit and therapy experiences and information. Human volunteers escort a wide variety of animals (usually one’s own pet) into healthcare facilities and to local events so that the pet therapy animals may work their healing and joy-giving magic. Mostly dogs, but may include a wide variety of animals. Electronic TheraPawS NL. No dues.

TIME?: We consider various cultural and scientific theories of time, and the relationship between theories of time and scientific method. Qtrly Newsletter, Time Out, (print); members $6/nonmembers $9; Int’l $12.

TOLKIEN: Newsletter, Beyond Bree, $12/year, $15 foreign, sample $1 and SASE. Make checks payable to Nancy Martsch. For all lovers of Middle-earth.

TV NOSTALGIA: Intelligent but fun study of television from the early 50’s to the early 70’s. From Beaver to the Bradys. 4 issues/$10 (international write for rates).

ULTRAHIQ: The purpose of the UltraHIG SIG is to bring together news of interest and important content from the UltraHIQ Societies (99.9%+). Content will include interviews with well-known scientists and visionaries, content from members of the community and announcements. Updates on research projects and forums, transcripts of conferences and discussions will also be made available. This SIG has been created by and functions under the auspices of the Mega Foundation, a nonprofit foundation for the gifted. Membership $5 includes newsletter $20/year includes journal and newsletter ($10 & $25 non-Mensans).

UNDERACHIEVERS: A SIG for those who have been told “You’re not living up to your potential!” Newsletter twice yearly, $5/year, International $7/yr.

UNDERGROUND BROADCASTERS: An online gathering spot for M’s who either work in broadcasting or are interested in the radio, TV, or the Internet communications business.

VEGETARIAN: Vegetarians, wannbe veggies and anyone interested in the health, environmental and spiritual benefits of vegetarianism. Newsletter, The Vocal Vegetarian, issued at each change of season. $5/yr; philosophy, recipes, health tips, member info, cartoons, resources.

THE VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE: A place for Mensans of all ages and intents to meet and network 24/7. Open to all active American Mensa members, whether it be to meet a potential love connection or just to chat about anything and everything. Members of other SIGs are most welcome to use this “general interest group” to communicate with each other.

VOLUNTEERISM: This is the place for all you M’s looking to put your abilities to some communal good. VolunteerisM is an online resource and discussion forum for information on volunteer opportunities, as well as civic engagement. Whether you’re a newbie to community involement or been doing it for decades.

WEBHEADS: Involved in creating World Wide Web sites? Interested in sharing your ideas? Want to get your local group, SIG or RG on the Web? WebHeads is for you!

“WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC: Do you think that the music industry takes itself too seriously? This SIG is set up for people who share an interest in “Weird Al” Yankovic, parody music, or just comedy music in general. The newsletter, Parody Press, will be piblished only electronically (for now) and will be published quarterly (for now). Parody Press contains news and information about “Weird Al” Yankovic and other comedic musicans and parody comedians.

WHIPS AND BRAINS: This is a moderated discussion and support group for adult Ms to discuss aspects of BDSM sexuality and related subjects. All sexual orientations welcome. Tasteful personal ads are also welcome. No NL, no fees; email only through YahooGroups.

WINDWARD: An intentional community of Ms and friends, of writers, artisans, single parents, seniors and those in transition, enjoying a self-reliant, back-to-basics life close to the land.

WOLF: To provide a forum for those individuals who have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and those who are interested in sharing experiences, venting frustrations, and learning about SLE. No SASE needed.

WRITERS: Newsletter, Calliope – A writer’s workshop by mail. Bimonthly, 32+ pages. Members $18/yr Ms, $20/yr non-Ms. Six issues. Add $5 for foreign (write for air rates). For those who write or who would like to write. Articles, market news, fiction, poetry, contests, genre and computer columns, member letter exchange, free critiques. Sample $3.

YESTERDAY: Everyone has a story or two from their childhood that is funny, poignant or interesting. Join us on the front porch as we reminisce and share significant memories of our childhood in the 1940’s – 1970’s. Newsletter: Hometown. 4 issues/$10 (international write for rates).

ZYDECODEPENDENTS: A SIG to connect Ms who are active in local cajun-zydeco music/dance activities or active listeners of CZ music.

Notice to members regarding special interest groups: American Mensa, Ltd.,(“MENSA”) encourages members to join together in pursuit of special interests and, to this end, acts as the facilitator and clearinghouse for SIG activities. Any Mensa member who wishes to establish a SIG may apply to the SIGs Officer and have the SIG be included in the SIG list published semiannually in the Mensa Bulletin and on the Mensa Web site upon acceptance. SIGs that fail minimum requirements, which include providing Mensa with brief semiannual reports regarding SIG membership and activities, are dropped from the list. Members are advised, however, that Mensa is unable to guarantee the information it receives concerning SIGs, and the SIGs are voluntary associations of Mensa members that operate independently of Mensa.

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