American Mensa Annual Gatherings:

     AG-2011 Portland OR
AG-2007 Birmingham AL
WG-2006 Orlando FL By Don Beatty
WG-2006 Orlando FL By Diana L McClure
AG-2005 New Orleans LA By Diana L McClure
AG-2004 Las Vegas NV
AG-2003 St. Paul MN
AG-2002 Scottsdale AZ
AG-2001 Dallas TX
Oregon Mensa BeaveRGs:
BeaveRG-XII 2009
   - Mary Prior's
Pix & Videos 2009
BeaveRG-XII 2009
  - Rainey & Parvin's
Pix 2009
BeaveRG-XI 2008
BeaveRG-X 2007
BeaveRG-IX 2006
BeaveRG-VIII 2005
BeaveRG-VII 2004
BeaveRG-VI 2003
BeaveRG-V 2002
BeaveRG-IV  2001
BeaveRG-III  2000
BeaveRG-III 2000
Shooter: Don Stadius
BeaveRG-II 1999
BeaveRG-I 1998

Oregon Mensa Events:
MindGames Apr '06
Alex Nagy Collection
July '05
2002 Halloween
1999 Halloween
1998 Halloween
Sweet Sunday
Cooking Sig Jamaca
July 2007 First Saturday
2005 Longbow
2006 New Members
2006 June First Sat
A Tooth Fairy
PDX Airport to an
  AG Overflow Hotel

More Good Pix:
2004 San Francisco RG
2002 San Francisco RG
2002 Sacramento RG
Mt. St. Helens
The 2004 Bid for an Oregon AG
Disney Coronado, WG08
AMC 2000 Q3
Nebraska RG
AMC 2002 Q4
AMC 2005 Q1

Photo Archive

In the days before social media, when film cameras were more common than digital cams and phone cams, we setup these photo galleries to share memories of the good times.

As FB, Smugmug, Flicker, Imgur and all the others became part of our language, the need for these galleries became less and less urgent.

Then when we switched servers, it was decided that our 400, Megabytes of pix was just too big.

Now, with our own server at oregonmensa.org we have re-posted them. It's an historic look at an earlier time of earlier tech.

If you have attended a Mensa event and want to share your photos with your fellow Ms, this is a good place. We're particularly interested in pix of Ms in witty T-Shirts. (see below) Please contact: Scott Rainey 503-380-8800.

The 2007 American Mensa Annual Gathering was at the convention center in Birmingham Alabama.

Free Advice for Photographers:

Digital pix can be sent via the internet (email, ftp, http) or via US Mail on a CD-ROM. ZIP files do not save transmission time, because JPEG images are already fully compressed. Zip files are however handy for sending a lot of files all at once.

Please convert images from whatever native format your camera uses to JPEG (.jpg) files. You don't need to compress or reduce the images, but cropping for relevant content is OK.

If you shoot AG pix with a film camera, select a photo processor who will make you a CDR digital copy of your processed film for a buck or two extra.

I will mail CDR's back to you.

If you wish to rename your digital image files, do not use blank spaces in the file names. Use hyphens "-" or underlines"_" instead. Please use all lower case letters if you think of it.
    Good file names:

    Bad file names:
       2004 AG Hospitality 002.jpg
       2004 AG Fishbowl 003.jpg
Privacy:, please do not put people's full names in the image file name. First names, places and times are fine.

Photo Credits I will assume that you want photo credit unless I hear otherwise. I will assume that you do want your email (but not hotlinked) on the photo credit page unless you say otherwise.

Please contact me for more tips.

Please Remember The Fine Print:
Mensa does not hold or express opinions, including political or religious views.
Our members have lots of opinions, that's plenty.
Oregon Mensa, American Mensa and Mensa International; accepts no responsibility for expressions of opinion by its members or guests.

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